Fortnite Hunting Rifle and Lucky Landing has arrive

The Fortnite 3.1 update included new drop rates for the Burst Assault Rifles, Revolvers, and Tactical Shotguns. Also increasing the likelihood of rare and epic pick ups. But the most noticeable change in this update is the new Hunting Rifle and the new location Lucky Landing

The Hunting Rifle is a similar version to the bolt action sniper rifle where you have to reload after every shot and it packs a punch with head shots. Its looks like a large version of its SMG counter part but with no scope attachment

Lucky Landing is a Chinese new year theme town, with a giant peonies tree in the center. Peonies are one of many lucky flowers that are displayed in China during new year. This new town is located South East on the lower edge of the map. Great place close range encounters because of the wall that encloses the town.

So get on Fortnite and try out the Hunter Rifle and Lucky Landing and starting doing work. If you are not at home you can always see how powerful the Hunting Rifle is with Muselk youtube video.

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