PUBG Update on Xbox One

      After what seemed like forever PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) has brought a new update to Xbox One.

   The biggest change comes to the initial spawning system. Before the update everyone would spawn on a small island with all the guns in the game. This had a big effect on server strain so now you spawn all over the map with no weapons present. I could definitely see a difference in rendering time when landing so this was a great change to make.

      My personal favorite change has to be the reduced damage taken in a vehicle. Before the update any bump in the road would result in player(s) taking damage in vehicles. Post patch gameplay reveals that you can do all kinds jumps and not take any damage. Not sure why they ever changed this but I know I'm not alone in seeing it reverted back.

      Unfortunately this patch does come with a new and frustrating bug. If you're looking at your map or inventory the B button can be your worst enemy. When in those menus if your driving or flying into the game if you press b you can jump too early or jump out a moving vehicle. For now the best way to navigate menus is to press the same button you pressed to get into the menus to exit them. That may be a small issue to some but I personally pressed B to exit all menus so I have a bit of a learning curve ahead.

     All things considered this update seems to be a good thing overall for PUBG. In my 3-4 hours of gameplay post patch my team and I had no crashes and very little rubber banding. Maybe now players will consider playing PUBG over Fortnite. I always did but now Fortnite will have to do a lot more now to get my attention.


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