Watching Retrospect the Gamer Twitch Stream Fortnight From San Antonio.

Hey guys it's Kinyo, dropping in to make a post. I've been trying to pay more attention to Twitch these days. It seems like a good idea. We are well along on a stream of technology that empowers the 'human' channel. Twitch seems to have found itself a space for themselves in the 'live channel' category.

I'm currently only watching one channel. I just happen to be watching a lot of Retrospect the gamer, because I started already, I know him, and I get lots of email notifications. The live stream is actually quite fun to be in, because it's a weird thing to watch someone else's life. I'm actually writing this blog post while in his apartment and holding his new pug Montgomery, who at 3 months old is almost completely distracting. 

Retrospect also streams on youtube, and I love following him on twitter.

Check him out on Twitch here:

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